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Easy to use, Fast, Accurate

Soltrack Accounting Software is Windows base with GUI Technology. It is very easy to operate. Customer Spend less time on paper work. Save your time and increase your productivity.

Grow Your Business

Soltrack Accounting Software is built to support the needs of growing business. Soltrack Customers make their revunue growth 30% with in span of short period.

Analyze data in Single Click

With inbuilt MIS reports you can view Outstandings of Sales and Purchase, Over due , Ageing Analysis, Average Payment mode. Product wise Sales , Areawise Sales and many more …

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  • “Incredibaly user Friendly, Anybody can use it with in first 15 minutes”

  • “Refreshingly straight forward”

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Soltrack Business Accounting Software

Make Quotation

Easily, maintain record of offers, send offer by email, print on any printers, exprots in pdf , word , excel, html…

Delivery Challan

Send Material through delivery challan , take print in second.


With Soltrack Business Accounting Software , create professional-looking invoices complete with your own logo. When you're ready to bill your client, simply send your invoice via email, download a PDF or print it with a single click.

  • ★   Make invoice with all respect information

  • ★   There is no need of accounting for making invoice

  • ★   Send invoice by email

  • ★   Take price -rate from price list

  • ★   Soltrack Show you last Selling price and Purchase price

  • ★   Soltrack gives you alert on over limit, and due payment when making a invoice

  • ★   Soltrack Show you online inventory Also

  • ★   Send SMS through Soltrack Business Accounting Software

Cheque Printing

Print a cheque in second.

GST Reports

Soltrack create in single click All GST Reports as per government formats, GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR Sales Register, GSTR Purchase Register...


Soltrack gives you hundrends different different types of analysis reports, through this analysis you can find out your business current situtation, make a future planing, this MIS reports become very much helpful to achive your goal.

  • ★   Outstanding of Sale Reports ( Areawise/Citywise/ Agentwise …)

  • ★   Over due of Sale Reports ( Areawise/Citywise/ Agentwise …)

  • ★   Outstianding of Purchase & Over due of Purchase

  • ★   Ageing Analysis

“On a single click you will see thousands of product analysis reports”

you will get so many different types of sales purchase , client and suppliers analysis reports


Easily you know how much you are earning and spending in your business with Profit & Loss, Payments Collected, and Expense Reports. Then choose from more then 300 standard business reports that will make your smile.

Profit & Loss Payments Collected Expense Report Tax Summary

“Soltrack not only makes me look professional, it saves me a huge amount of time.”

Soltrack Team.

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