Our Methodology

Requirement Analysis...

Knowing small necessities at given time proves worth.

To keep basic right is very crucial. Soltrack Technologies Pvt Ltd employs a flawless method of requirement analysis to determine the requirements or needs for meeting the quality of the product.

At Soltrack, we carry out the entire system of requirement capture or analysis, in three specific ways. This starts with Requirement Gathering phase through which, we elicit the necessary requirements of the customers. We investigate scope and definite the new system. Through the fact finding methods, we collect valid information from the potential users. It helps in understanding the resistance offered by the misunderstanding and unrealistic exceptions continuing in the current system. This is done through different mentioned ways.

Then comes the need for Requirement Determination, We implement this necessary step to analyze the importance and substance of the chalked out requirements and check whether they are ambiguous, incomplete and contradictory. Later we resolve these issues in a downright professional manner, to bring out the real necessity and essence of the stated requirements.

Keep track of them and proper recording of details is always beneficial. Recording is a vital stage in requirement specification. We document the scrutinized requirement in the form of Use cases and process specifications. While the system analysts are designing the database and preparing the prototype our team of software test engineers prepares the test cases by means of the use cases prepared at the earlier stage. We have immense knowledge and experience in preparing the data flow and transition flow diagrams.

At Soltrack Technologies Pvt Ltd, numerous delicate yet extensive physiological skills are employed to ease out the arduous and long process of requirement analysis. With technically strong team, we offer in-depth and comprehensive requirement analysis by utilizing the varied requirements driven by use-case, which helps in establishing traceability and translation of the requirements into system designs.

We know what to do when to do and do it with efficiency.


Design & Development...

Your imagination our creativity and one perfect solution.

Soltrack Technologies Pvt Ltd has the expertise and the required mind frame of developing new and promising products from the ground level by identifying the expectations and characteristics of the target market. Uniqueness with matured professional solution is our trade secret, which our customers have experienced at various levels.

We don't believe in overwhelming the multipurpose project but in complementing the human effort. We employ flawless design and development through the various proven processes and strategic methodologies in place.

Scope of product development

We understand the conceptualization of the product idea of the client and accordingly design the virtual plan and flowchart of the product and services. We also design ideas and moot line of the blue print of the final product.

Product design

We help our customers in identifying and chalking the right choice for platform regarding the development of their product. This method is useful for the customers as it helps in the distribution of the products at low investments. The tools used for product design are Rational and UML. Some of the methodologies offered by us for product design are Spiral, Interactive, SDLC and Waterfall.

Product development

This important stage includes framing the architectural designing of the product. Perceptible and concrete shape is provided to the design ideas. We also interact closely with the client, quality engineers, designers and programmers for maximum benefit.

Product testing

In order to test the robustness and expediency of the product, we employ technical testing of the product to satisfy our customers. Some of the tests conducted by us are Load test, stress tests, system test, integration test and unit test.

Product Installation

It includes packaging and installation of the product and services. Our standard methodology for product installation is user friendly and hassle free to reduce complexity and maintenance cost.

Maintenance support

When our designed product reaches the maturity period with proper experience, we still continue to play a pivotal role in supporting and maintaining it.

Design and Development is an art and we bring our heart and soul to prove it.


Quality Assurance & Testing...

We Makes you Believe In the Beauty of your Dreams.

At Soltrack Technologies Pvt Ltd Quality matters. We never compromise cost with quality .Our methodology expertise and quality assurance is backed with successful compatibility and lasting professional experience with innumerable international clients. We provide our clients with practical and goal oriented solutions to your needs for quality assurance.

Six Sigma Imbibed Processes:

Industry knowledge, professional outlook and quality are very important.

Soltrack Technologies Pvt Ltd implements six sigma imbibed methodology for eliminating defects to all the ongoing and new projects. By implementing Six Sigma process, we have achieved the aim of finding not more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in a specific project.

We understand the objective of the Six Sigma methodology evaluating the financial benefits at the earlier stage of SDLC ensures that the cost of improvement will be supported by the benefit of the project.

Our teams of quality experts are responsible and with their experience they understand the requirements of the clients and improve the operational efficiency of the project.

DMAIC Practice

To ensure the completeness of the testing we follow the DMAIC practice. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. We employ DMAIC methodology identify the effect of changes to a build and then to monitor the actual impact of changes in a feedback loop.

We identify the actual cost of the demanded quality and also chalking out the defects of potential quality designing. Safety, maintainability and reliability are the main features of our quality assurance and testing methods.

Quality can never we compromised.


Implementation & Deployment...

Delivering Long-term Perpetuation and Retention

Our services related to implementation and deployment help in meeting the customer requirements of amalgamating the flexible and customized software, which caters to the user friendly aspects of the software.

Our main goal is to provide optimal services for increasing the operation efficiency of our clients. We employ an analytically planned approach to effectively incorporate software into the environment of an organization or an individual end-user.

Implementation Strategy :

Our strategic insight, technical expertise and professional experience play a pivotal role in identifying the business processes of the customers, their respective information systems. This step acclaims importance, as specific procedures are implied by various technologies right from the very initial stage. This also helps in chalking out pragmatic solutions for the installation of needed solutions.

The ultimate principle of our implementation services is that our provided software is able to flawlessly run in the customer's equipments. After critical testing of the entire software, which needs to be installed in the machines of the customer, our team provides the software, including the initial data.

Deployment Methodology

The Deployment services basically include the implementation of new hardware and software in the client's working environment. The important steps included in deployment are:

In case, abrupt problems crop up in the course of deployment, our team members also provide appropriate solutions to minimize the defects.

Power pack implementation with exclusive deployment


Maintenance & Support...

Keeping customers happy with Technical support and maintenance

Customer centric approach and zeal to prove that we care for them has rewarded as with repeat business. We have been flawlessly adopting 'fine-tune" method to ensure that our clients and customers receive cost effective experience.

Our maintenance and support service team provides our clients with enhancements for technology improvements, superior functionality and modern industry standards along with the access to the professionals in our Software Support Centers.

Software maintenance and support Services :

Our maintenance and support service includes the direct access to our experienced consultants with personalized service from trusted, knowledgeable support specialists. Our flexible service options include e-mail support and online chat support for our clients. With our experience we ensure the solution of client's software related queries within 48 hours.

Key benefits of our Maintenance and Support Service

  • Around-the-clock problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Refine your operations with direct and immediate access to the right resources
  • Real-time solutions through 24x7x365 web and telephone access to technical expertise
  • Maintain efficiency by working with us on issues any time of the day or night
  • Respond to new mandates by accessing new maps as required 

We take an extra step to help our customer.